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Mountain Valley Spring Water Family
Mountain Valley Water Asheville NC

Our Company

Mountain Valley Spring Water of Asheville has delivered clean and fresh water to homes and offices throughout the region. We’re a local, woman-owned business, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent products with top-notch service. We offer a variety of waters, attractive dispensers, coffee and tea service, water filtration systems and custom labeled bottled waters. All of our chemical-free water is bottled at the source. Our delivery plans are flexible and affordable. When you choose our scheduled or will-call delivery service, you can rest assured that you’ll always get your orders on time and delivered with a smile. Make the healthy choice for your family, your employees and yourself by drinking delicious our water every day!

Our Values

We care about our you and work hard to meet specific your needs and requests. We maintain a complete office staff ready to answer your call and provide the personal service you deserve. We understand that time is in short supply these days. From your initial consultation to your on-going delivery plan, we strive to be efficient and professional while maintaining your account. Our delivery drivers are trained to be prompt, reliable, and courteous. We are proud to have served the Asheville community for over the years and we’re grateful for all of our loyal clients.

Our Family

We’re not just a team, we’re more of a family. For over 50 years we’ve been bottling and delivering water and other products to folks in North Carolina and South Carolina. We deliver much more than our products… we deliver connection. 

When you meet our staff, you’ll understand what we mean. It isn’t about providing the best products and service possible. . . It’s about you.

Family fun

Connie’s Story

Mountain Valley Spring Water holds a special place in my heart. The year was 1981 when my husband came home and said “ We’re in the water business!” From that moment on my family and I dedicated our time to promote and deliver the best water in the country to the then tiny town of Asheville. Along the way I made some of my most wonderful friendships. For me Mountain Valley Spring Water is more than just business, we’re truly a family… Both the staff, and the customers!
I was asked by a friend, “Connie do you drink this water?” I answered “I could never sell it if I didn’t believe in it.” My reason for that is it is a perfect mineral balance. This water is slightly hard, which has been proven to be the healthiest PH balance. 

I had the most devoted customers.

One day, a client called me up and needed four of the five gallons glass bottles of water. She said she wouldn’t be home but the door would be open and she’d leave the music on to help me feel welcome. Just before I headed out with the water, it started to rain. As I entered the house, the bottles were wet and the last one slipped out of my hand, shattering  all over her kitchen floor. I was horrified! I made sure to pick up all the glass and then I found any towel I could find and moped up the water. This took a while and was a lot of work. The commotion of her dogs barking and the loud music had me in a frenzy, so all I could do was laugh. I replaced the bottle and went on my way, letting the customer know what had happened. 

This job always brought out my sense of humor no matter what situation I got myself into. The key is to keep working and always please the customer. My relations with my customers became so deep and sincere.

My husband had purchased a $700 used truck that was previously used for a telephone company. That was the truck we delivered the water in. May I add it was stick shift, and it wasn’t a pretty sight to drive up the mountains in!

Driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, I’ve seen the beautiful people that make up this wonderful community. Children playing, families growing, people laughing. We’ve always been there to bring fresh water to them. I can still see all our customers’ faces in my mind; I see their joy, their happiness to see me, and their happiness that I had great water for them. I really grew to love every one of them. This brought pure joy to my heart.

Mountain Valley Spring Water is here to provide health and happiness to everyone from rich to the poor. We can all value great water.

Love Always,
Miss H20
Connie Scotchie
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