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Coffee & Tea Service

Keep your staff happy with quality products

  • Coffee
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  • Sweeteners & Creamers

In addition to our variety of spring waters, we are pleased to offer complete coffee and tea services. An easy, affordable and popular choice for any office, our coffee and tea service saves time and money while increasing employee satisfaction… a true win-win for everyone!

Everyone likes a break, and our coffee & tea service allows you to treat your employees every day! Providing coffee, teas, and service products in your break room is a proven way to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. We also have the equipment you need to make it just the way you want. And don’t forget the other things you’ll need for a good cup or two. From sweeteners to creamers, we’ve got you covered. You decide what works best for your company and we do the rest.

Eight O'Clock coffee
Grindstone Organic Creamer 12 oz
Eight O'clock Ground Coffee
Grindstone Sugar 24 20 oz
New England Coffee
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