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Keeping hydrated in cooler weather.

If you’re wondering if you might not be getting enough water as the temps drop, you’re not alone. The majority of adults in the US don’t drink enough water to stay completely hydrated, especially in the colder months. Often times people are drinking a lot of liquids, but the fluids may actually be causing the body to lose hydration. Alcohol is one that might feel refreshing, but it’s a diuretic that actually removes water from the body and is no friend to keeping healthy levels of water in your system. Coffee and caffeinated soda are also mild diuretics as well and can slowly cause your body to become dehydrated.

Ten signs you need to drink more water.

  1. You’re thirsty
  2. Your urine is dark or has a strong odor
  3. You’re tired
  4. You’re experiencing headaches
  5. You’re urinating fewer than 4 times per day
  6. You’re constipated
  7. You have bad breath
  8. You’re craving sugar
  9. You’re dizzy
  10. You’re feeling disoriented or confused

The good news is that it’s easy to beat dehydration. Just drink more water!


Tried our Key Lime Twist Sparkling Essense?

We’ve added a touch of effervescent goodness to our spring water to make our sparkling water. Light and bubbly, Mountain Valley Sparkling is a thirst-quenching favorite of chefs and mixologists alike.

Mountain Valley Spring Water is naturally pure and sodium-free, rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium.


Water you need when you need it.

Mountain Valley Spring Water can help work with you to determine the best delivery program to keep you and your family or office fully hydrated. We have a wide variety of water to choose from, from local spring water to sparkling water and even distilled water, we’ve got something for everyone.

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