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Our Products

Dedicated to providing a complete line of pure water, Mountain Valley Spring Water has the perfect bottled water for your needs! Start service and enjoy the following benefits:



We also offer a full line of coffee and tea service with a wide selection for every taste.


  • Never worry about running out of water or having to carry bottles from the store
  • You don't have to be home for delivery
  • You only need one square foot of space
  • We will deliver to you on a regular schedule or a 'will call' basis
Our quality bottled waters

Available in five gallon bottles, three gallon bottles, and handy to go 12oz. to 64oz. bottles so the fresh taste of Mountain Valley Spring Water is always in easy reach:
  • Altamont Spring Water from the Nantahala National Forest - available in lexan bottles
  • Carolina Mountain Water from the Blue Ridge Mountains - available in lexan and glass bottles
  • Distilled Water - using state of the art distillation process in lexan bottles
  • Altarock Drinking Water - in lexan bottles
  • Mountain Valley Springs Mineral Water from Arkansas - in glass bottles
  • Tablerock Spring Water from the Tablerock Wilderness Area - in lexan bottles
  • Misty Mountain Spring Water from the Blue Ridge Mountains - in lexan bottles

State of the art dispensers

  • Ceramic Crock provides room temperature water and can be used with or without the oak stand.
  • Cool and Cold Dispenser provides room temperature and cold water.
  • Hot and Cold Dispenser provides water hot enough for instant hot drinks , soups and cereals.
  • Optional child proof spigots are available on all of the hot dispensers.

Call us today at (828) 254-9848 or (800) 627-1062 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you choose a bottled water and a dispenser for your specific needs.

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